Hyper-focus Mode

Do you ever have those days where you sit down to work on the computer and you literally find yourself so entrenched in what you are doing that you cannot move, you cannot look away, you can’t even get up to run to the restroom because you refuse to break your focus from what you are doing in the fear that you will never be able to get this focused again?  If you say yes to that question then you totally understand what my day was like today!

I woke up and immediately jumped on a conference call.  Then I took out my computer and started on a sales contract that had to get finished, a design schedule that had to get to filled out, my final tax return filing that had to get postmarked by tomorrow, and one thing after another I just kept going…it was like the most intense day of hyper-focus ever!  I am not even sure my eyes blinked today as I was staring so hard at my computer screen!  And this went on from early this morning until right now at 10pm when I am finally wrapping up my day with my blog for today.  As painful as today was I have to say that I got a crazy amazing amount of work accomplished.  And the best part is that I got through the two things I hate dealing with most in this world…legal sales contracts and tax filings!  Those two things are about as un-fun as anything in life to do, and they are especially painful for an ADD person who gets bored to tears about two lines into those type of documents.  But the fact was that I had to get it done and I had to have it done by tonight, so I blocked everything else out and I made myself do it.  And I am happy and relieved to say that I was able to finish the things that had to be done by tonight.  Sure I still have a million other things I have to do, but at least tonight’s deadlines were met, so GO ME!

All of us put off doing things we don’t like.  We find ways to avoid the unpleasant tasks that are not enjoyable for us to do. But when you can force yourself to face those unpleasant tasks head on and then hyper-focus on them until you get them knocked out and done…well the feeling when you finally finish them is the biggest sense of relief ever.  It feels great to get those things on your must do list out of the way.  So today’s challenge is to stop avoiding the unpleasant tasks you have been putting off, put yourself in a quiet room, and go into hyper-focus mode until you can get them finished.  Then after you finish, shut off your computer, go get a huge bowl of ice cream with your favorite chocolate and caramel toppings and don’t forget the whipped cream on top, and CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT for the day!  Now I am going to take my own advice and go get me some ice cream  🙂   !

Have a great day everyone.


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