I am a Glam-ma! Some things are so perfect they are impossible to put into words.

Early last Friday morning my cell phone rang. It was my son Dalton letting me know that his wife Alexis was in labor and they were heading to the hospital. I jumped out of bed feeling a mixture of joy, excitement, disbelief, and wondering if this was really going to be day we welcomed our first grandchild into this world or not.  I told myself to wait to get excited until the hospital said they were having her stay, because I remember getting sent home a few times myself back in the day when I was having my kids so I was going to remain calm until it was sure.

A short time later my son called to tell me that they had broken her water and this was definitely happening. I was so excited I could barely stand it. We rushed over the hospital as quickly as we could. It was such a surreal experience to think about that fact that a new little baby was going to be coming into this world and was going to be part of our family forever. You see, when you are the mother you have nine months of carrying that baby around with you and getting used to the idea that there is going to be a new member of your family, but when you are the grandparent there hasn’t been that same experience of having it with you for the nine months so it’s a bit more surreal of a feeling when the day finally arrives.

Alexis’ parents soon arrived at the hospital as well and together we parents stood outside the delivery room door pacing at first and worrying whether her doctor would arrive in time or not. Once he went into the room me and Alexis’ Mother and her little sister all pressed our ears to the door of the delivery room, trying with all our might to hear the moment when the new baby would enter this world. Both of our husbands and the grandpas-to-be stood across from the door laughing at us and taking video of how funny they thought we were to watch. Then, the nurse inside the delivery room must have heard us at the door because she suddenly opened the door to see who was there – I’ll tell you this much – you’ve never seen people jump out of the way like we did…and all three of us did our very best to act as innocent as possible…our husbands, of course, thought it was hilarious…but I’m not so sure the nurse did…

The moment she shut that door we were right back at the door with our ears pressed against it. Then we heard it, that magical, incredible, miraculous sound….new baby Flynn let out his very first cry as he entered into this world…our tears began to flow as we experienced the joy and excitement of realizing we were officially grandparents and that little cry was coming from our own sweet little grandson. I honestly don’t think there are words that could describe all of the emotions we felt in that moment. I suppose the only people that can comprehend what we felt are those who have been through that moment themselves, because I know that whatever I thought I was going to feel in that moment ended up being so much more than I could ever have imagined….

“A grandchild fills the empty space in your heart that you never knew you had.” 

Little Baby Flynn Dalton Anderson was born at 2:12pm weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces, being 20 inches long, with dark eyes and dark hair… and he is nothing short of perfection. (Note: if you are viewing this blog on a cellphone you may need to turn the phone sideways to view the full pictures)

As I watched my son holding his son I was struck by what a miracle life is and what a tremendous blessing family is and how blessed my life is – I have a husband that I love dearly. I have two of the most amazing children any mother could ever dream of having. I have a daughter-in-law who is amazing and who I love as much as if she was my own child. And now I have this perfect little grandson who I love with my heart and soul as much as if he were my very own child as well. I have learned that love in family doesn’t divide in half or get divvied up as your family expands…it doubles, then triples, the quadruples, etc, multiplying each time your family grows.

I have to say that becoming a grandparent is the coolest thing in the world. It’s all of the benefits without any of the work, which in and of itself is pretty darn awesome. But it also comes with the gift of coming to understand what perfect love feels like… It’s so perfect, in fact, that it is impossible to put into words…so I’ll try and show it in pictures.

And that my friends is what perfection straight from heaven looks like! Welcome grandbaby Flynn – I am so excited to be your Glam-ma!

Thanks for letting me share my special news with all of you. Have an amazing Monday!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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