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I had no idea how difficult it was…

I had no idea how difficult it was to pick out paint colors!  You would think that with the 5 million paint color options I could easily find the right one…you would think….but not so much…

With the building of our new home I have had to make a million decisions every day about everything from layouts to wood flooring to tile and wainscoting and a gazillion other items that had to be picked out for the house.   And up until now I have been able to be decisive and know exactly what I wanted…all the way up to the point we have to pick out our paint colors.  And the sad part is that I just want to go with a white on white paint, so super white paint for my baseboards and trim and then a softer white for my upper walls.  Easy enough, right?  WRONG!  There are fifty million shades of white and every single one of them changes colors the second you put a sample up on the wall. Oh, and then you have to take into account the lighting for the room as that seems to change the color of the paint once again.  And then there is the reflections from the rest of the space that change the color completely as well.  Good heavens it’s a nightmare.  And the worst part is that you have to get it right because you are paying a ton of money to paint your house so you can’t afford to do it all wrong and have to redo it again later because the color didn’t work.  All I can say is…..Argghhhh!

Yes, today I have been dealing with this paint color dilemma…and just when I thought I had finally picked out the prefect color which was even named “calm”…(which I can’t help but wonder if it was the name that attracted me to the color with the slim home that this paint would indeed bring “calm” back into our lives)… so we tried it on a wall  upstairs and it looked awesome.  Then we went to look at the room downstairs and it literally looked pink!  PINK!  Don’t get me wrong, I personally love the color pink, but not for my walls of my home!  And so I have to go back to the drawing board yet again to try and figure out yet another color of paint.  Once again I get to go back through that massive book of colors and search to find the perfect wall color.  I can only think of an infinite number of things I would WAY rather be doing!


The lesson this experience has reminded me of today is that some things are WAY harder than we give them credit for.  Some challenges are much bigger and more frustrating than we ever anticipated they would be.  And when those challenges come your best move is to face them head on, no whining about it, and figure out which stinking paint color is right :).

Have a great day everyone…and if anyone is an expert in paint colors feel free to give your suggestion on which color would look best on the walls above our super white trim…I had to ask :)…



  • Anonymous says:

    Choose a flat white not a glossy.

  • Jacob Williams says:

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    Here’s a link to my G+ profile so you can see an example of how I blog on it.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Sky blue

  • Anonymous says:


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