Okay, let’s just call it as it is – HOLIDAY WEEKENDS ARE THE BEST!!!  Seriously, it is amazing how having that one extra day on your weekend can make such a difference!   I have the perfect quote for everyone to consider this holiday weekend:

LOVE IT!  And it is so true.  I honestly think we don’t spend nearly enough time just being happy.  We are always busy, always rushing, always trying to accomplish our list of never ending to-do’s that only grow longer with every item we check off as done…it never ends…and so every now and then we have to decide to stay ENOUGH, at least for this moment, ENOUGH.  It is time to pause, and step back from the madness and do absolutely nothing except BE HAPPY and enjoy your family and loved ones.  And what better time to do that than a holiday weekend?!?  It’s like the universe is saying “okay, you can take a break because the rest of the world will take a break with you”.  Frankly I think we should all come together and decide to take a lot more breaks all at the same time together so none of us have to feel guilty for having a moment off J!  Can’t you just imagine how happy that would be!

My challenge to all of you this holiday weekend is to JUST BE HAPPY.  No stressing.  No cleaning.  No emails.  No working.  No anything that isn’t spelled F-U-N!   That is what I plan to do…right after I finishing sending a few more emails…jk…Happy Labor Day Holiday!



  • Kim says:

    Love you my sista. Peace be with you!!!! :):)
    I love you.

  • Connie Houskeeper says:

    That is exactly what I was thinking. Time for a break. I spent Sat. holding my beautiful grandson. Laughing with him, playing, walking and just enjoying pure innocence. Now I am ready to work. Love ya Amy.

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