Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you wish you could jump up and literally scream it from the rooftops?  Well that is exactly how I feel about the things I shared in the article I posted yesterday for Forbes. Like I literally wish I had a megaphone that I could scream to the world “ATTENTION ALL ENTREPRENEURS AND CEOs – WHAT I JUST SHARED WILL LITERALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE, NOT TO MENTION THE INCREDIBLE CONTRIBUTION IT WILL MAKE TOWARD YOUR SUCCESS AND THE SUCCESS OF YOUR COMPANY!!!”   (Here’s a link to yesterday’s Forbes article if you missed it! )

And I don’t say those words in all caps lightly! I TRULY feel that passionate about the importance of communication in a business and using tools that support it and how doing so totally builds an amazing company culture. So many companies today have massive issues with their culture. There is infighting and politics and rumor mill and gossip. Heck half the companies out there have cultures that almost encourage that behavior. It is a hot mess and it makes for a miserable atmosphere for everyone involved. But that can all be changed! I know it can because we were able to do it ourselves and see the success that came. But it does take commitment from leadership in order to happen, however, I truly believe employees can drive helping their management to see the need for it if they are willing to really communicate that message until it is heard and not give up if it takes more than saying it a few times.

The bottom line is that I would never ever start a company without implementing those tools from day one. For entrepreneurs starting out, I don’t care how small you are you should still start doing it right from the get go. Your chances for success will skyrocket if you do.

I feel so strongly about it that I have even invested my own money into having a development team create these tools for me to use with my current angel investing firm as well as to make them available to the companies I am investing in so they can have the benefit they provide.

And for those of you not involved in business I think the same principles apply for families and friendships – there is something magical that happens when you communicate, share your values, encourage ideas, and connect in a positive way.

Okay there…I feel better now that I was able to somewhat yell it from the rooftops so to speak, or at least I was able to put it in all caps 🙂

Have a great day!



  • Shelly says:

    I agree, that was an excellent article Amy, thank you. The items you mentioned are useful and easy to implement!

  • Joan L says:

    Fantastic, practical and inspiring ideas — and double kudos for creating software that operationalizes the opportunities!

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