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Ideas for Making The Dreaded Holiday Un-Decorating Process A Lot More Fun

Christmas is amazing…but the after Christmas clean-up, not so much….Once the holiday is over, taking down the decorations is about as much fun as unpacking your suitcase after a fabulous vacation…not fun at all…

As I’ve faced the need to take down my own Christmas décor I’ve been wondering what I could do to make it a better experience to “undecorate” the house. After all, we have to do it every year and every year we dread the experience. It seems to represent the end of Christmas rather than representing the beginning of something else. So I started to think through what I do every year that makes decorating for Christmas feel so fun:

To start with I put on happy Christmas music to dance around to as I decorate, and I spray the yummy cinnamon spray to make the house feel festive as I put up my tree and I picture all the fun family gatherings that lie ahead where we will sit around that tree together making memories. Then I wondered how I could use those methods to make it more of a happy experience to undecorated?

Perhaps we all ought to start a new “undecorating” tradition where we put on some motivational music with songs that have messages that make us think of the future and the New Year that lies ahead to get us dancing around as we undecorate.  And we could find a fresh scented spray to spray that will make it smell like something fresh and new in the house while we cleanup. And we could picture all the fun adventures and things we want to do in the upcoming year to make it an epic year ahead.

Going through these thoughts reminds me that so much of life is what we choose to make it. Of course we can make undecorating fun if we want to…I suppose I forgot we have the power to do that with any task if we choose to.

And so I’m off to put on some happy music and start this new and exciting undecorating tradition!  Here’s hoping all of us can make our undecorating A LOT MORE FUN!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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  • Jane Anderson says:

    I am always sad at the prospect of undecorating too, Amy. I guess in a way I do have a traditional way of undecorating. I listen to Christmas music and undecorate the same way that I decorate. It makes it easier to tie up the loose ends of the fabulous memories and good feelings that have been with me for the past month. And no shopping to do! Happy undecorating, my friend.

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