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Ideas to get you prepared for April Fool’s Day

I cannot believe that Monday is the last day of March and Tuesday will be April 1st.  Better known as, April Fool’s Day.  I have personally never been a big fan of April Fool’s Day but perhaps that is because I haven’t put much effort into celebrating this holiday in the past.  So in order to get into the spirit of things I thought I would research a few fun ideas that everyone can use to get into the spirit of April Fools Day.  I hope you find these helpful as you prepare for Tuesday’s adventure:

Fun April Fool’s Ideas:

  • On your friends PC hit Ctrl + Alt + DownArrow keys all together and it will flip their screen upside down on their computer.  (To flip it back simply hold ctrl + alt + UpArrow).
  • Print out a life sized picture of a scary face – then laminate the photo. Next take a large pickle jar and slide the photo of the face into the jar so it presses the face along the inside of the glass with the juice in front of it.  Put the jar into the fridge and wait to hear the person scream when they see the pickled head in the jar!
  • Print out a life sized picture of a scary face – open the toilet ring and tape the photo of the face so it is face up looking through the toilet ring.  Then shut the ring and then the lid of the toilet.  Wait to hear the scream when someone opens the lid to sit down and sees the scary face staring up at them.
  • Get your friends cell phone and in the settings change the language to a foreign language.
  • Replace the cream filling in oreo cookies with toothpaste and offer it to your friend
  • Secretly hang a sign on the back of your friends car that says in really big print “Honk and Wave and Yell Hi ____, He (or She) doesn’t know this sign is here – Happy April Fool’s Day!”
  • Tape magnets to the bottom of a cup – then attach it to the roof of your car and drive around
  • Buy some glazed donuts and roll them around in baking powder to make them appear like powdered-sugar donuts.  Then share them with your friends.
  • Did an onion in caramel and put a stick in it to make it appear to be a caramel apple.  Then offer them to friends.
  • Set someone’s clock ahead a few hours.
  • Go on someone’s computer into their Microsoft Word program and go to the settings – under auto correct settings change a common word like “the” to auto correct it with “April Fool’s” so every time they try and type the word “the” it auto changes it to April Fool’s.  Don’t forget to tweak the autocorrect words in someone’s cell phone settings as well.
  • Place a For Sale sign in your friend’s front yard.
  • Download the iphone app “Dude your car!”   It allows you to take a photo of a friend’s car and then modify it to make it look like it has a huge dent or scratches etc.  Take a picture of your friends car and add the dents to it and then text it to you friend asking “Dude, what the heck happened to your car??”
  • Go buy a bag of stick on googly eyes and put eyes on everything in your refrigerator, the milk carton, the eggs, the salad dressing bottle…everything…so when they open the door the food is all staring out at them.
  • Download the app “Fake-A-Call” – go into the app and schedule your phone to call you with a fake call from someone like Chuck Norris, or the President – then watch your friends as they see the callerID on your phone as it calls you.
  • Send the following text to someone:
  • I am going to share two facts with you, read carefully each one.
  • Fact number one:  You can’t touch your lower lip with your tongue.
  • Fact number two: If you have already tried touching your lower lip with your tongue, which is actually possible then let me say it to you, Happy April fool’s day.


So there you have it…plenty of fun practical jokes and pranks to play on your friends April 1st.  Remember to keep the pranks nice and not to do anything that would hurt or damage someone else or their property.  It takes the fun out of the entire holiday when people cross the line and take it too far, so just go out and have a good time with it.  You have a whole day to get prepared so setup your plan of attack now so when Tuesday comes you are good to go!

Happy preparations for April Fool’s.  Have a great Monday everyone!



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