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If Only Everyone Agreed To Take A Break At The Same Time…

I can’t count the number of times in life that I’ve thought to myself, “I wish everyone would agree to just slow down and take a break at the very same time so we could all get caught up for once!”  However, never in a million years did I expect it to actually happen…and yet, here we are…the entire world is being forced to take a break at the very same time…what a unique opportunity this actually presents us…

I know that for the last week we’ve all been glued to the news reports on television and on social media to watch all the minute by minute changes taking place, the closings happening, and the illness and death counts rising. Frankly, it’s been difficult focusing on much else the last week. It’s even been more difficult here in Utah because on top of all that we also experienced a 5.9 earthquake with a bunch of aftershocks, so with all that going on it has been almost impossible to focus on anything else!

But here we are a week later and it’s finally dawning on me what an amazing opportunity this forced world break can be if we all use it effectively.  Think of the millions of projects you’ve told yourself, “If only I had some time where I could get that done” – maybe it’s organizing your emergency documents, or scanning in old family photos, or writing your life history, or going through old emails, or cleaning out the garage, if only you had time –  Well, now you DO!!! 

Time to rest, time to spend with our families, to bake something yummy, to serve one another, to re-center spiritually and pray, and time to work on those projects that we’ve wanted to get to forever… For at least the next few days or so we all have this brief break in time to catch up on all those things we’ve wanted to get to forever but didn’t have time for.

Before we know it, life is going to return back to normal again, and all of us will be back to moving a million miles an hour without a minute to spare… But for at least a few precious days we have all been given this incredible break in time – a break we can use to our advantage to accomplish so many things! If we use it wisely, when this break ends we’ll be ready to jump back into life feeling re-centered spiritually, feeling lighter for having caught up on those things that were weighing us down, and feeling rested and re-energized and ready to take the world  by storm!

We all longed for a break and now we have it – so take full advantage of it while it’s here!!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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