If you can make a situation better, DO IT!

In life we gain contacts, and connections, and wisdom that comes as we gain more and more life experience. As this happens we will inevitably start to find ourselves in situations where we might have either the talent, or the experience, or the resources to make a contribution to a situation that might really be able to help make it better. When we find ourselves in these situations I believe we have a moral obligation to do what we can to contribute. After all, where much is given, much is required and if God has blessed us with talents or resources or connections then perhaps he did so in order that we might make a positive impact on the world around us with those blessings.

Don’t get me wrong – I realize it is impossible for us take on helping everyone all of the time because we each have our own obligations and responsibilities that we need to fulfill first. But we all know that there are times when we come across situations where we recognize that we have the ability to help, and we know that frankly it wouldn’t take that much out of our time to do so – Those are the times I am suggesting we should really become more aware of and commit to doing what we can to try and help.

I think we are given very specific experiences and blessings in life because God knew we would have the best ability to use those specific experiences and blessings to bless the lives of numerous others we would come in contact with. And as we do that I believe we are blessed with even more great experiences and blessings. Think about it – it’s just smart delegation on God’s part 🙂  If He knows he can delegate to you and you will help others on his behalf then chances are he will delegate more and more to you. That’s what great leaders do and He is definitely the perfect leader so it just makes sense!

Bottom line is this – If you have the ability to make something better, put on your white hat, and DO IT!

Have an incredibly awesome day everyone!


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