If You’re Gonna Do It, You Gotta Own It!

“If you’re gonna do it, you gotta own it!” That’s what my daughter yelled out to her now husband as he and her brother were talking about whether he should do a funny dance number at her wedding reception a week ago.  She pointed out that anytime you are going to do something public like that you can’t just do it half way – you gotta throw your inhibitions to the win and just OWN IT!

Perfect example is this little girl who absolutely killed it in this dance number – she went all out with loads of confidence and all kinds of sass and she seriously OWNS IT!  It is hilarious and you gotta  watch it to the end to see how it ends – So awesome to watch and so inspiring to see the way she puts it all out there without holding anything back – love it!  And the audience reaction is all the validation you need that the best way to do anything is to go all out and OWN IT!

Whatever you do this week – OWN IT!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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