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I’m Not Saying I’m Wonder Woman…Or Am I?

“I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman, I’m just saying that I’m a princess with indestructible bracelets and an invisible plane.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a serious love of all things Wonder Woman. My love for Wonder Woman started when I was a young entrepreneur just starting out in business. I was only 23 and I was starting my own healthcare technology company and I was scared out of my mind. But I needed to succeed as I had two small children depending on me. So whenever I was feeling scared, or intimidated, or in over my head, I would close my eyes and pretend to turn into Wonder Woman – I would literally become her in my mind while I went into the meeting, or got up on a stage to speak, or had to meet with an investor, or whatever situation was scaring me at the time. Then when the meeting ended I would go back to be little old Amy. The young entrepreneur who was doing her best. My office slowly began to fill with Wonder Woman collectibles so I had a constant reminder that I could be her at any time I needed to.

That Wonder Woman trick got me through more things than anyone could ever imagine. It saw me through my insecure years until I learned to become secure on my own and have confidence as Amy. When I finally reached that point I started sharing my Wonder Woman trick with people in all of my public speaking engagements – I figured if it worked for me that it would probably work for other people too.

All of us have times in our lives we are scared or insecure or feeling intimidated. So all of us could use a vision of the superhero we want to turn into in those moments so we can get through them and knock it out of the park, like superheroes always do. Figure out who your inner superhero is and then surround yourself with a few fun collectibles to remind you that you can become that person when you need to…then over time as you conquer difficult things and overcome your fears you will begin to discover that you and that superhero have eventually become the same person.

So maybe I am saying I am Wonder Woman 😉   (tee hee…)

Have a SUPER day everyone!



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