Is the Universe just messing with us?

“Today: had my top on backwards,

the pants I’d slept in

and looked like Jack Nicholson from the shining.

Saw all of the people I know.

All. Of. Them!”

Isn’t that exactly how it goes?! Those days you feel prepared for anything often nothing seems to happen… and then the days you aren’t prepared at all everything seems to happen.

Think back to your High School and College years – All those nights you did your assigned reading the teacher never seemed to ask you about it, but the ONE night you didn’t finish your reading there was always a pop quiz that next day.  Or all those times you made it home before curfew you’d find your parents fast asleep and then the ONE night you come home late your parents are wide awake.  Am I right?!

As an adult it happens just as much. You work your guts out to make sure you get your reports ready to turn in to your Boss on time only to have it sit unread on your Boss’ desk, except the one time you didn’t finish it by the deadline and suddenly your Boss desperately needs it that very moment.

It’s often feels like the Universe is just messing with you…

I’ve thought a lot about this phenomenon and what I finally realized is that the Universe isn’t messing with us at all – I realized that it’s us that are messing with ourselves by failing to be prepared, so of course that’s going to have an effect on the outcome. When we are prepared things typically go good for us BECAUSE we were appropriately prepared.  And when we aren’t prepared things often go badly for us BECAUSE we weren’t appropriately prepared. So nine times out of ten we are the determining factor in how things are going to go. Once I finally recognized that I came to realize that I have the power to make the greatest difference in how my life is going to go.

Be prepared. And expect the fact that the one time you aren’t prepared you will almost certainly end up wishing you were.

Have a great day!
~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Michael Fletcher says:

    Note, when it comes to work, if you are unable to meet an agreed upon deadline it is best to notify the person you are working for (boss, customer, etc.) that such is the case. I have found that people will work with you in such circumstances and communication is critical.

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