It Just Might Save Their Life

My husband asked me yesterday what I wanted for Christmas this year and without hesitation I told him “I want Emergency Preparedness Stuff”. I know it doesn’t sound like a very sexy gift to ask for, and anyone that knows me will be a little surprised my request doesn’t really include something sparkly like I normally ask for (because let’s face it…I love love love all things sparkly!), but let me tell you why I decided that all I want for Christmas this year is Emergency Supplies.

A few days ago we had a major winter storm and the power went out in our entire neighborhood from sometime around 9pm until 6am the next morning. I was right in the middle of watching one of my beloved Hallmark Christmas movies when the power went out, but just seconds later our Generator kicked on and my power came right back up and my Hallmark Christmas movie came right back on and I was able to enjoy the night in my warm snuggly heated home.

Now when we first purchased our generator I wasn’t happy about spending money on it. After all it is something you almost never have to use….and I could have bought a whole lot of sparkly things with that money it cost…but man, oh man, was I happy as a clam that we had a generator rather than something sparkly when the power went off!  In that moment I didn’t regret a single dime I spent on our generator, especially when I looked out at the pitch black neighborhood and thought about how cold people would get in their homes if the power didn’t come up soon…not to mention they were all missing the ending to one of the most romantic and heart-warming holiday movies ever!

I have decided we all don’t think enough about investing in Emergency Supplies. It’s so tempting to ask for sparkly things for gifts instead of things like generators, flashlights, food storage, gas masks, propane stoves, etc. But our sparkly things won’t keep us fed, or warm, or safe when there is a power outage or even worse, a natural disaster. And when those bad things happen the sexiest thing in the world will be those of us that had generators that allowed us to curl our hair and put on our makeup!!! (tee hee 🙂 )

So for those of you struggling to find the perfect gift to give someone you love for Christmas this year, my suggestion is go get them some Emergency Preparedness Supplies…it just might save their life someday…and nothing shows love more than that…well, except for if they made Emergency Preparedness Supplies that SPARKLED!  #agirlcandream

Happy Shopping!


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  • Jane says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for this. I am giving every driver in my family an emergency supply kit for their cars. I was second guessing myself until now. I’m glad now for my gift idea and know I did the right thing!

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