It’s A Roadblock, Not A Dead End

Nothing is more discouraging then when you are literally working your guts out to make something happen and you suddenly get a wrench thrown in your works. Having something unexpected trip you up can feel in the moment like you’ve hit a dead end. Especially if you are physically worn out and emotionally spent from working so hard and so focused…it can make everything feel more dire in the moment.  When that happens I have found the only thing that helps me get through it is to tell myself that whatever has come up is simply a roadblock, not a dead end.

When we view things as a dead end we stop trying. But when we view things as a roadblock we start looking for detours that we can take in order to still reach our desired destination.

We can’t allow hiccups and unexpected hurdles to scare us or discourage us. And we certainly can’t allow them to stop us. I love this quote:

In case that image didn’t load for anyone it says:  “The phrase ‘do not be afraid’ is written in the Bible 365 times. That’s a daily reminder from God to live every day being fearless.”

Don’t let yourself see anything as a dead end. See problems and challenges as nothing more than roadblocks meant to teach you valuable lessons that you’ll learn along those detours that you’d never otherwise taken. Choose to see the struggles as a blessing because they will make you stronger, wiser and one step closer to becoming perfect.

Have a great day everyone!
~Amy Rees Anderson


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