It’s all about relationships

A dear friend of mine received an award this last week and I was able to be there to congratulate him at the event. I knew I was going to have to slip out early and that I might miss his acceptance speech so I asked him to quickly share it with me before we went in to the luncheon.

To give some background, this friend had a massive heart attack not too long ago and it was literally a miracle he survived. Thank heavens he has recovered! His experience has given him a new appreciation for what matters most in life. He shared with me that his experience helped remind him that life is really all about our relationships…and that those relationships are what truly matters – Life is about the friendships we form and the bonds that we share with one another. He pointed out that life isn’t at all about the material things we accumulate or the trophies we receive because none of those can go with us when we die. But the relationships we form and the love we all share…well that will never die…it will go on with us forever.

What a great reminder of the perspective we should all have in our lives. We get too caught up worrying about the “stuff” and we lose sight of just how important our relationships really are. It is those relationships we will care about most when our time on this earth is coming to an end. I would bet not one of us will be on our deathbeds asking for our stuff that we own to surround us as we are passing away…no….we will be asking for the people we love to be by our side as we go…because that is what truly matters.

Hopefully we won’t be on our deathbeds before we start giving our relationships with others the attention they deserve. It should be our top priority now, today, at this very minute.

So, Go kiss your sweetheart. Go hug your family. Go play with your children. Go talk with a friend. Go pray with God.

Have a phenomenal day everyone!  And congratulations t0 my dear friend Fraser Bullock on an award well deserved!



~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Harsiddh Amin says:

    Very true and apt for a mankind all over world. This is what all religions across world is preaching us but unfortunately we do not understand as the material values have become high in all our life. Your good deeds, help to others in need etc will prevail for a longer time as rememberances. Keep up good writings. GOD bless you. Rgds

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