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It’s BOTH National Bacon Lovers Day AND Cupcake Day! It’s Clearly Going To Be A Ridiculously Awesome Day!

Bacon and Cupcakes – celebrating either one of those delicious delicacies in a day would make it an awesome day, but celebrating both of them on the SAME DAY?! That is the very description of Ridiculously Awesome!

When I discovered that National Bacon Lovers Day (August 20th each year) and Cupcake Day (the third Monday of August each year) were both occurring on the very same day I knew I had no choice but to honor this magnificent occasion with a blog post…. I mean, how could I not acknowledge a day that is dedicated to two of life’s most delicious delicacies…bacon and cupcakes!

To celebrate this occasion I decided to share with all of you the Anderson Family BLT Special Sauce recipe (that’s BLT as in Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato goodness between two slices of bread that’s been slathered in Anderson Special Sauce!). The first time I experienced this goodness was at my very first family reunion with my husband’s family after we got married. I bit into the BLT sandwich with it’s Anderson Family Special Sauce and my taste buds broke out in a happy dance of joy! It was SO YUMMY! So my gift to all of you on this ridiculously awesome day is to share the recipe for how to make this incredible sauce that you will use to slather…and I do mean slather, which is defined as “to spread or smear thickly or liberally” onto your BLT sandwich:

Anderson Family BLT Special Sauce:

Take one jar of Mayonnaise
Mix in the juice of 4 limes
Mix in the zest of the skin of 1 of the limes
Mix in 3 cloves of garlic (minced)
Mix in 1 teaspoon of chili powder

Take two slices of bread toasted lightly and spread the special sauce both thickly AND liberally on each slice of bread. Then stack on loads of bacon, lettuce, and tomato and sandwich it together. VOILA! You now have the perfect BLT sandwich!

August 20th is clearly meant to be a ridiculously awesome day so go grab yourself some bacon, wash it down with a few cupcakes, and celebrate…because HAPPINESS IS ONLY A BITE AWAY 🙂

PS. If anyone has great recipes that include bacon or cupcakes feel free to share them!  And have a ridiculously awesome Monday everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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