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It’s Hilarious Because We All Wish We Could React This Honestly When We Don’t Like Something!

I have to caveat today’s post by saying that I try really hard not to be one of those people who posts a million photos/videos of their grandchildren thinking everyone else is as excited about seeing them as they are….And honestly if this short 35 second video clip was not one of the FUNNIEST things ever, I would only be sharing it with family – But when I saw it for the first time I seriously could not stop laughing because his reaction in this video is something everyone of us in this universe can 100% relate to!!!   We have ALL been there!  And we only wish we could react that honestly when we are dealing with something we don’t like!  Oh my goodness this video is funny…I literally couldn’t stop watching it again and again and laughing out loud every time. It is SO STINKING FUNNY!  You have to see it for yourself and it only gets better the further it goes (you may need to turn your cell sideways to view) :

Can you imagine if the next time your boss or your spouse asks you to do something you don’t want to you were to react with that same reaction Flynn did in the video?  That would be SO FUNNY…unfortunately it would also  be highly inappropriate and would land you in some seriously hot water….but it would still be SO FUNNY!

PS. The fastest way to make my two adult kids gag like Flynn did in that video is to share the awesome Valentine’s card  I gave their Dad today – so of course, I totally had to share it 🙂  (and remember you might have to turn your cell sideways to see the full pictures)

Build your own boom box in an ammo can kit

A Bouquet of Meat to accompany the gift

I know what you are thinking – #bestwifeever  🙂  well I have to give a little credit to for selling the best man gifts ever!

Have an amazing day!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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