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It’s March! Here are some Exciting Events To Celebrate This Month

What I love most about March is that it means SPRING IS COMING! Don’t get me wrong, winter holidays are great and all but I cannot wait for warm weather again! Plus the official flower for March is the Daffodil and who doesn’t love Daffodil’s? Did I mention how excited I am for Spring??

Spring isn’t the only exciting thing coming this month – there are several other exciting things to celebrate this month, such as these holidays:

March 2nd – Read Across America Day – go get a good mystery/romance novel and curl up with it and read!

March 3rd – I Want You To Be Happy Day. It’s a day to celebrate being unselfish and to do something to make someone else happy!

March 6th – National Frozen Foods Day. I can’t wait to eat a frozen Totino’s Pizza on this day.

March 10th – International Day of Awesomeness!!  A day to perform and celebrate feats of awesomeness! Oh, and it is also Popcorn Lover’s Day, a day to eat popcorn and share it with others. This day really is AWESOME!

March 13th – Daylight Savings Begins! (Yay! It stays lighter longer 🙂  ).

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget to wear green.

March 19th – Corn Dog Day. Go eat a corn dog!

March 20th  – March Equinox and the first day of spring. YAY FOR SPRING! And guess what, it is one of only two days a year you can do this experiment that I am going to tell you about. March 20th is one of those two days. Here is the experiment you can try:

You’ll need a straight stick or a long wooden ruler, a protractor and a compass.

Find an empty space like a park or a parking lot where there are some tall buildings or trees to obstruct the Sun. Find your location’s latitude. Then subtract this number from 90. This will be the angle you will affix the stick to the ground.

If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere – use your compass to find the south and point the stick in that direction. If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere – point the stick or the ruler to the north.

Using the protractor, fix the stick in the ground at the angle you just calculated – remember to point it in the direction opposite to the hemisphere you are on. Wait til Noon and see the shadow of the stick disappear. At Noon, the stick will have no shadow at all!!

March 27th – Easter

I would say this month is going to have plenty of fun and exciting things to celebrate! YAY! I love having things to look forward to! Happy start to a new month everyone! It’s going to be AWESOME!


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