Jesus Will Make It Grow Back

When my son Dalton was a little boy, for some reason he could not grow bangs.  His hair would grow on top and on the sides and in the back, but it just wouldn’t grow in the front.  So for the first few years of his life I kept him in baseball caps to disguise that his bangs wouldn’t grow. Finally around the age of two they began to grow. I was oh so excited to finally be able to take off his baseball caps.

In preparing for the big reveal of his cute new bangs I decided I would trim up the back and sides of his hair so I sat Dalton down and began trimming when the doorbell rang.  I laid the scissors up on the high counter and told Dalton to stay sitting right where he was while I went to answer the door.   I was only gone a second but as I came back into the room Dalton was standing there with his baseball back on his head and a guilty look on his face – “Dalton what have you done??!!”, I asked.  I dropped to my knees, pulled of his baseball cap and gasped. He had taken the scissors and cut his newly grown bangs off entirely…he cut them right down to his scalp.  His beautiful bangs were gone…100% gone…  My eyes welled up with tears when without missing a beat, Dalton put his little two-year old hand on my shoulder, looked me right in the eyes and as with absolute faith he said “It’s okay Mom, Jesus will make it grow back!”  Then he smiled a great big smile and threw his arms around my neck to hug me.

Many times in my life since that day I have had times of disappointment, discouragement, and days where everything seemed to go completely wrong.  But whenever things feel the most discouraging I see that cute little boys smile and hear those words, “It’s okay Mom, Jesus will make it grow back!” And for some reason it helps me feel a little better…

The next time you’re having a discouraging or disappointing day I hope you think of words spoken by a little boy with the perfect faith of a child…”It will be okay…and Jesus will make it grow back”…whatever it is…I do know that Jesus will help make it okay in the end so if it doesn’t feel okay yet then it’s simply not the end..

~Amy Rees Anderson    (read Amy’s new book “What AWESOME Looks Like: How To Excel In Business & Life” )


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