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Join The Worldwide Fast On Good Friday

I would have put this blog up sooner to make sure everyone got to read this tonight but I’ve been dealing with a time-sensitive and frustrating situation all day and didn’t have time to so forgive me for not getting this invitation out to all of you earlier in the day! But better late than never I hope:

Tomorrow, April 10th (on Good Friday) there will be another worldwide day of fasting taking place.  This will be the second worldwide fast in the last two weeks (unprecedented in my lifetime at least), with a global invite that was extended by President Russell M. Nelson, prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ, who asked for ALL PEOPLE to come together in a day of fasting and prayer, stating:

“I invite all (regardless of what faith they belong to) to fast and pray on Good Friday, April 10, that the present pandemic may be controlled, caregivers protected, the economy strengthened, and life normalized.”

This world is hurting right now…people are hurting…families are hurting…businesses are hurting…and there is no stronger contribution that we could make then to all come together for a day, putting all differences of every kind aside, and unite together in a day of fasting (sacrificing meals, or something meaningful to you) and praying for God (and for those who don’t believe in God pray to whatever higher power you believe in) to ask that “the present pandemic may be controlled, caregivers protected, the economy strengthened, and life normalized.”

My family is honored to participate in this day of fasting and prayer tomorrow. We are excited to unite our faith with all of yours tomorrow as we fast and pray together across the world as one global family we feel blessed to be a part of.

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )


  • Margaret tebbs says:

    I was so proud of the governor today in his briefing. It made me proud to live here in our great state of Uta.

  • Rajesh Bhatia says:

    It is a very noble job you are doing fasting praying spiritual cleansing,meditation and yoga are the only remedies known to humanity. I would love to be the part of prayers and fasting.

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