Amy Rees Anderson

Just Think Of The Things You Are Glad That You’re Not

When my luck seems all gone, and I’m down in the mouth,

When I’m stuck in the north and I want to go south;

When the world seems a blank and there’s no one to love,

And it seems even God’s not in heaven above.

I’ve a cure for my grouch and it works like a shot,

I just think of the things I am glad that I am not:

A bird in a cage, a fish in a bowl

A pig in a pen, a fox in a hole

A bear in a pit, a wolf in a trap

A fowl on a spit, a rug on a lap

A horse in a stable, a cow in a shed

A plate on a table, a sheet on a bed

A case on a pillow, a bell on a door

A branch on a willow, a mat on the floor.

Then my blues disappear when I think what I’ve got,

And quite soon I’ve forgotten the things I have not,

When I think of the hundreds of things I might be,

I get down on my knees and thank God that I’m me.

                          -Elsie Janis

What a great way to keep from feeling sorry for ourselves! Just think about all of the things we are glad we are not!

Our lives could be so much worse than they are, and heaven knows we could all have it so much worse than we currently do. The simple fact is that no matter how bad our lives can get at times there is always someone, somewhere, who has it far worse than we do, and we certainly don’t want to trade places with any of them!

We are blessed beyond measure to be who we are. I thank God that I am me and I thank God that you are you, because let’s face it, you are AWESOME!!! 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson


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