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Just When You Thought You Had Things Under Control

As I shared in yesterdays blog, last week was nuts for me with my big University board conference I was in charge of.  By the time the weekend came I was completely exhausted but was feeling super relieved that the conference was done and I’d get to focus on catching up on all the other stuff I’d fallen behind on while preparing the confernece. I woke up today feeling great that I would finally start getting things under control again…only to find out that my taxes are due the end of this week!  Here I’d been thinking I had an entire month more to get them ready, but I’d forgotten the LLC tax filing date was moved up a month!  YIKES!!!!! 

Isn’t it so often the case that just when yout think you have things under control….WHAP!!! Something else hits you in the face and you find yourself scrambling to get up again….  And all you can do is try to laugh at how ridiculous life can be sometimes and then take a deep breath and dive in to get it done.

I got a brief laugh today when my friend sent me a meme to lift my spirits that read:   “I wonder…can I claim all the voices in my head as taxable dependants?” 

Another thing that made me chuckle today was remembering back to when I was a kid and my siblings and I would do everything we could to avoid my Dad when tax season came around because he was so grumpy when he had to work on them. He’d sit at his desk up on the balcony overlooking our family room and we’d all tiptoe through the room below as quietly as possible so we “wouldn’t awake the beast” as we’d teasingly refer to him at tax time.  And now I’m sitting here working on my taxes thinking “I feel ya Dad…I feel ya…”  And I’d give about anything right now to go back to being that dependant on my parents tax form so “the beast” could handle the taxes and I could go back to tiptoeing through to the room to go play with my Fisher Price toys with my siblings…those were days…

There may not be crying in baseball but I’m fairly certain no one will blame you for crying in tax season. You bet your booty I’ll be crying this week as I scramble to get all my tax stuff done and I’m still awake at 3:00am working on them. It looks like my dream of getting my life back under control is going to have to wait another week…

All you can do is laugh at how ridiculous life is, take a deep breath, then dive in and get it done….

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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