Keep On Keepin’ On

The weekend is just around the corner, which in and of itself is something to get excited about.  Some days things go fantastic and other days can be a struggle just to make it through. When times are tough the best thing to do is remind yourself to just keep on keepin’ on:

Keep on Keepin’ On

If the day looks kinder gloomy,

An’ your chances kinder slim!

If the situation’s puzzlin’

An’ the prospect’s awful grim,

An’ perplexities keep pressin’

Till all hope is nearly gone,

Jus’ bristle up an’ grit your teeth

An’ keep on keepin’ on.

Fumin’ never wins a fight,

An’ frettin’ never pays

There ain’t no good of broodin’ in

These pessimistic ways —

Smile just kinder cheerfully

When hope is nearly gone,

An’ bristle up an’ grit your teeth,

An’ keep on keepin’ on.

There ain’t no use in growlin’

An’ grumblin’ all the time,

When music’s ringing everywhere

An’ everything’s a rhyme —

Jus’ keep on smilin’ cheerfully,

If hope is nearly gone,

An’ bristle up an’ grit your teeth,

And keep on keepin’ on.


It’s gonna be okay. Take a deep breath in…hold it.. let it go…then stand up and get busy doing the things that will get you closer and closer to accomplishing a goal. As you move along see if you can’t find someone you can do a small act of service for – that’s a great pick-me-up.  And smile – it makes you look better.  Things WILL get better…all you gotta do is put one foot in front of the other to move forward…always, always, always keep moving forward.

Remember to SMILE 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson

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