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Life Is Life A Roller Coaster.

“Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.”

That quote is great because it makes it so easy to visualize what it is saying. Yes life is indeed like being on a roller coaster. We can’t control the ups and downs of the track, but we do have a choice on how we will feel about the ride. We can scream and hate it or we can throw our hands up in the air with a big smile on our face and yell out joy at the thrill of the ride!

It’s not always easy to be mindful that we actually do have a choice, especially when the downward track of the coaster causes us to feel pain inside. But the reality is that we control our thoughts and our thoughts control our emotions and feelings. So we have to use the power of our thoughts to help us stop screaming in pain and fear and start yelling in joy and excitement. We have to force our thoughts to think of the positive possibilities that lie ahead…

For example think to yourself “Maybe this upside down section feels scary but that means the fun high hill is coming up next and that is my favorite part!” By thinking that you take your mind off the scary upside down part and you feel excitement for the fun upcoming hill.

I’ve used that trick many times to help me in my life. I find something I don’t really like and associate it with a positive thing that it will bring and then I focus on the positive thing. I can give you a really silly little example to help you see what I mean:

Every year our church meeting times rotate to start at a new time with each New Year. I always dread the 9am start time years but when my son was on his mission I figured out that he was coming home on a year that church would be starting at 9am. Rather than dreading the upcoming 9am start time I looked forward to it coming for two full years because when that 9am start time came it meant Dalton would be coming home that year. That helped me love that 9am start time instead of dreading it.

I realize that seems like a really silly example but it really does illustrate the point well. It can be applied to any situation in life. Just take something you dread and associate it with something you love and then relate the two so you can be excited about the part you love.

Never forget, it’s your choice to “scream or enjoy the ride.” So get those HANDS IN THE AIR, SMILE, and ENJOY THE RIDE!


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