Live Life With Perspective

Watching the path of destruction of hurricane Isaac certainly makes one stop and put their life into perspective.  It’s amazing how in an instant homes can be completely destroyed, a family’s belongings can be washed away, and people can experience the loss of literally all their material possessions.  Things that they may have worked years and year to accumulate can be gone in literally a second.  And one has to ponder how much that person had to sacrifice of their life in order to accumulate those things.  I can’t help but wonder if they look back and wish they could have done things differently now that they have seen how quickly the things they accumulated could be swept away.  Would that five minutes of playtime with their child now mean more than the late night list of to-do’s?   It certainly makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?

And for those who lose their lives in natural disasters…what do they look back and wish they had done differently in their lives?  What would they wish they had done more of and what do they wish they would have done less of?  I certainly think I would wish I had worried less in my life, especially because worrying doesn’t ever change the outcome of things.  I certainly think I would wish I had spent more time laughing with my children and less time worrying about those socks someone left on the floor.  And I am sure I would wish I had appreciated every single moment of life that I had been blessed with.  Every smile.   Every friend.  Every tear.  Every laugh.  Every challenge.  Every lesson.  Every moment.

I think it is healthy for us to sit back sometimes and consider how we would feel if we knew our life would end today?  And how would we feel if we lost everything we had?  What would we wish we had done different and what would we value more?  And once we have thought through those questions we should use our answers to change our lives today.  Right Now.  While we still have the chance to do things differently.   We should never live our lives in a way we will regret.  We should live our lives with joy and passion and through the eyes of perspective. Because life is too short and too precious not to!




  • Darlene Minjares says:

    LOVE this!!! If all my “stuff” got washed away, I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore . . . my life would be simplified – and my husband would be ecstatic!

    D Minjares

  • Brennan says:

    Great post thank you.

  • Heidi Magann says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog today, Amy. It really is true that we need to live in the moment and appreciate the lives around us and not the things. Thank you for the reminder and may God Bless all the people affected by this current situation.

  • Tim Miller says:

    There are certain things in your life that happen that make you reevaluate everything. Hopefully we can figure out what is important before those things happen. Great Advice Amy!

  • Connie Houskeeper says:

    Really, a great post. It always amazes me when someone who has fought to be rich and successful dies so very unhappy. I wonder in the getting didn’t they enjoy the process. Weren’t the sucesses something to be joyful about. How did they lose themselves so much that even with all the wealth they could not find joy. Things and stuff and bigger and bigger homes hold no joy of themselves. They have no emotion. So no true value. Memories of hugs, tears, learning something , making something, singing something that moves the heart and happy faces of loved ones must have been lost in their struggles. So sad. Hang on to the ties that bind and take joy in the here and now. That has become my creed. Thanks for the reminder Amy.

  • Porter says:

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