Make It Happen

“Good things happen to those who wait. Greater things happen to those who get off their butt and do anything to make it happen.”   – Unknown

Making it happen takes work!  And loads of it!  There is just no two ways about it.  If you truly want something in your life you can’t just sit around wishing for it and dreaming about it – You have to get up, get moving, and work you booty off every single day to make it a reality.

If you really want to know how badly someone wants something then ignore how much they talk about it and watch how much they do about it.  Actions always tell you the truth of a matter, not the words spoken.

Years ago when I was still single and my counselor (yes I went to a counselor after my divorce and it was the best thing I ever did and I highly recommend it to anyone who has gone through a hard time in their lives…seriously…it is amazing how much you learn from counseling) was walking me through the type of man I should be dating.  She said, “When you are sick in bed I don’t want you to date the guy that calls you up and says how sorry he is you are sick and how much he hopes you feel better soon – I want you to date the guy that finds out you are sick and immediately shows up at your door with chicken soup and then who sits by your side giving you support until you feel better again.”  She advised me that people’s words can paint this lovely picture of everything you want to hear, but it is all a farce because only actions reflect truth.  She was right and her lesson is something I realized applied to all areas of our life, not just dating relationships.

Most important, if you want to know the truth about what YOU really want in life then observe your own actions!  That is a powerful way to figure out where you’re really headed.  If you find that you are just talking about what you want but doing nothing to work for it then perhaps you really don’t want it after all. And if you do truly want it, then get off your behind and get to work – work crazy hard with all the energy and passion you can muster – work hard every single day – it won’t come easy, it will take tremendous work – but that is okay because we are always willing to work for the things we truly want in life.

So get out there, decide what you truly want, then go and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!



  • Dev says:

    Agree truly with you.. at times we may feel sad and down but that doesn’t really mean – you don’t want that this.. being intuitive and going where your heart takes you is the mantra and should be followed.. agree with you completely.

  • Pur says:

    So glad you left a comment on my blog and that it aowlled me to find yours. I enjoyed reading about your family. We did foster care a few years ago but only for a short time. Since then we have had 3 more children and expecting another one this December. Our whole family loved the picture as your header. How beautiful! I am sure you are a proud Mama! Missy

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