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Make The Effort

“The grass is always greener” …it’s a syndrome that plagues a lot of people. They constantly believe something else would be better than what they currently have.  Most commonly we hear of people catching that syndrome in their dating or marriage relationships, but the truth is it can exist in any area of life, from career, to money, to power, position, health, etc.

What people don’t consider is that even if they obtain a yard with luscious green grass – if they then don’t water it, weed it, mow it, and fertilize it, that grass is going to die. It was only luscious because someone made the effort to get it that way.

If you want greener grass – WATER YOUR LAWN!

Rather than coveting some other job, start making the most of the one you have. Rather than spending time fantasizing that someone else would understand you more or care for your needs better, put time and attention into building the relationship you already have. 

There’s no easy way to have the best things in life – Success takes work, marriage takes effort, good health takes discipline – the grass has to get watered in order for it to be green.  When you see someone with a magnificent yard remind yourself that its only magnificent because someone has been busy watering it, weeding it, mowing it, and fertilizing it.

This weekend my husband and I signed up for a marriage workshop where they teach different principles on how to strengthen your relationship. That’s just one of many ways to keep our yards looking a little more luscious… I’ll be sure to take notes so I can share what we learn in a blog next week…. In the meantime, this weekend gives each of you a perfect opportunity to do a little weeding and watering of your own 🙂

Nothing truly great comes without effort – MAKE THE EFFORT!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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