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Mothers Deserve To Be Celebrated Every Day

There are no words to adequately express the tender feelings I have toward my Mother on Mother’s Day. She gave birth to and raised ten children, doing so much of the time alone because my Dad’s job required him to travel significantly. Not only that but my Dads work required our family be moved every few years to a different state which meant she was packing up the house and ten kids and having to switch all of us to brand new schools every few years (keep in mind she was doing that with kids spread out in preschool, elementary school, jr high and high school with those moves…and she was usually pregnant while doing so.  I can’t even imagine juggling all the things she had to do and yet she was always there to help us all with our homework, she had our school  lunches packed, she had dinner on the table and when we were young she would always take time to kneel by our bed with each of us every night to help us say our prayers and then she’d sing us a lullaby song she wrote called “My Little Girl Go To Sleep” and for my brothers, “My Little Boy Go To Sleep”. 

I only gave birth to two children and I remember how overwhelming it felt many days when my kids were young just trying to keep up with two, so I can’t even begin to fathom how my Mom did it with ten. All I know is the woman is a saint and I’m quite certain she’ll be given an automatic pass into heaven for all she’s a done as a Mother.

Today I honor my own Mother. But I also want to express gratitude to all of the other Mothers in the world who sacrifice so much of yourselves for your children. Motherhood is often a thankless job – people don’t give mothers validation for changing diapers, or cleaning up throw up, or helping with homework, or staying up late at night waiting for a teenager to return home. In fact their kids often call them “the worst” for making them do chores,  and tell them “you’re not as much fun as Dad” when they make them do homework, and you never hear kids going around singing their mother’s praise for ensuring they have clean underwear and clothes to wear each day.  Is it any wonder that as a mother you often feel like a complete failure no matter how hard you try?? But you are not a failure…you are anything but….because you were willing to sacrifice of yourself to bring a child into this world, and you love your children with all of your heart and that is what matters. So just keep doing your best because one day those children will have children of their own and they will understand and appreciate all that you’ve done for them.

Mothers deserve to be celebrated everyday, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day! And I was blessed with the greatest Mother of all! LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

Amy Rees Anderson and her Mother Leslie Rees

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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