My First Fortnite Experience

Fortnite. I had heard there was a lot of hype about the video game, but I had never actually seen or played this game…until this weekend…

My family traveled down in our RV to Bryce Canyon Utah (where our daughter-in-law is from) to support her family as they welcomed back her brother who was returning home after serving a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Massachusetts.  We had a great weekend with her family, taking out our ATVs and going for a hike (…okay the hike was a little on the ‘super difficult’, ‘way longer than I thought’, and ‘I seriously could have had a heart attack’, side for me…but I’m dang proud that I not only survived it, but that I carried my grandbaby on my hip for at least ¼ of the hike as well!).  We also went to the hot air balloon festival in the nearby town and enjoyed all the food trucks with their corn dogs, freshly squeezed Texas twister lemonade, and their funnel cakes covered in strawberries and chocolate sauce….mmmmm… so good…. But my favorite part of the trip was hearing her brother give his homecoming talk in church about the incredible experiences he had on his mission. It was a great weekend and Bryce Canyon is a truly gorgeous place to visit.

On the five hour drive back we were trying to entertain ourselves when my son-in-law said, “that’s it…we are teaching you to play Fortnite!”  What the heck…may as well…there wasn’t much else I could do on the long drive back.  And so he setup the game on his Nintendo Switch and handed it to me to start playing.  You cannot imagine my excitement when on my very first try I came in 20th place out of 96 people playing the game!  I mean that had to mean I was pretty good, right??!!  I immediately wanted to play another round (…I had to get more loot and build more walls!…). Sure enough this time I was able to come in 19th place out of 96 playing! I was on my way to the top!!!   I was feeling incredibly good about my obviously inherent Fortnite skillz…right up to the point my daughter said, “Ya, so you know you are playing against a bunch of little middle school age kids, right?”     …No…no I did not…

Rollin and Amy Rees Anderson

Amy Rees Anderson and family at top of Powell Point

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Michael Fletcher says:

    5 hours from Bryce to Greater Salt Lake area is a little bit of an exaggeration (redneck spelling eggsadurate). I got to the Salt Palace in roughly 3 hours last week from Parowan and it would be roughly 30 minutes more from Bryce.

    • Amy says:

      Except we were driving in a 37 foot RV which was hauling a 15 foot trailer with a RZR on it so it took much longer than in a car…unfortunately

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