Amy Rees Anderson

“Never Forget that the Storm Will Pass, the Night Will End, and a New Day Will Always Dawn”

Have you ever had a week where you get to Wednesday and you feel like you it’s been three weeks, yet it’s only been three days?  Yeah, well it’s been one of those weeks so far.  I haven’t slept enough, I’ve pushed myself to hard, I’ve taken on too much…I know all of you can relate because there are probably many of you feeling that very same way today, and the rest of you have been there at least a few times yourself.  When things are going good time flies by you while you wish you could grab it by the tail and stop it from passing.  But when things are stressful it’s as if time slows down to a ridiculously painful crawl that is taking forever to pass.  It’s during those slow painful times that you have to remember that every storm eventually passes, allowing the sun to shine through again.  And every dark night is always going to transition to the light of morning.   It is the law of the universe – You can count on it! 

Don’t get me wrong.  There have been tons of good things in my life this week with plenty to be grateful and excited about.  So I truly have very little that I can justifiably complain about as I feel truly blessed.   But we all have our tough days that seem to drag on too long, when everything seems to go wrong as if in simultaneous harmony in the worst sounding musical number ever played.  They happen.  And I suppose if we didn’t have those darker days we wouldn’t be so excited and grateful when the sun finally comes up, bringing the light of a new, and much better day.  Just like if it wasn’t for the freezing cold of winter we wouldn’t be so excited for the warmth of spring.  In many ways its tasting of the bitter things in life that help us to appreciate the sweeter things when they finally come our way.  And there is something to be said for sense of appreciation and excitement that nature’s balance provides. 

I have to share a cool thing about my day today.  I met with several amazing companies, each having phenomenal business ideas.  The best part is that each of these companies were being run by young people.  Young people who had amazing ideas they were charging forward to make happen. There is something incredible and inspiring about young people who are willing to put their fears aside and go for it in life.  The most impressive today was an 11 year old girl who is part of a Young Entrepreneur’s Academy program.  She is the only female in the group and she is the youngest person in the group.  She is only 11 years old and you can mark my words when I tell you she is going to go on to accomplish unbelievable things in her life.  I met with several other people between the ages of 12 and 30 today.  All young. All amazing.  My gosh they make me rethink if I have actually accomplished anything in my life given that they are kicking some serious booty in life and their lives have barely begun!  These youth are so far ahead of most people twice or three times their age.  They are smart, and driven, and incredibly focused.  I cannot imagine how far their accomplishments are going to extend in this life given the amazing start already have.  The only word to describe them is WOW!

For all of you having an extra tough week, hang in there…the rainstorm tonight is set to pass before dawn, so get excited for the beautiful sunshine ahead! 


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