No Pressure, No Diamonds

No Pressure, No Diamonds…and let’s just be frank…life without Diamonds would be Un-Imaginable!  Just typing the words “no diamonds” makes me break into a cold sweat….it’s like typing the words “no happiness”…(tee hee)…

Yes I admit, I love diamonds. And I don’t just kind of love them…I am head over heels in love with them!  I love the sparkle…the shine…the beauty…  Diamonds are absolutely gorgeous in every way and they definitely make a girl HAPPY!  🙂

But the important thing to remember about diamonds is that diamonds didn’t start as beautiful, sparkly, shiny objects.  No…they started as carbon atoms in nature buried 100 miles deep into the earth’s surface.  They are subjected to a crazy amount of heat (about 2,200 degree Fahrenheit), and insane amounts of pressure (something around 725,000 pounds per square inch!).  Because of the heat and pressure the carbon atoms begin to bond to one another in groups of billions and billions in order to form a single one carat crystal. Then through violent eruptions they travel extremely fast to the surface of the earth, causing them to cool quickly enough to surface as diamonds. But even after enduring all of that their journey still isn’t over yet, next they have to go through being polished and facetted before they finally achieve their full glory…then it’s all sparkle and shine from there!

Each of us are like diamonds in the way we evolve throughout our own lives. We start small and we slowly grow through time and daily life experiences. Then we go through major struggles and difficult challenges and intense trials, each of which mold us into a stronger and better person. Then over time as we endure those trials and overcome our challenges, we surface as a more mature and refined person. But our journey still isn’t finished yet…we still have to go through polishing and small adjustments in order to reach our full glory.  It’s going through all of that and enduring it well that will give us our ultimate sparkle and shine.

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”

The most beautiful things in the world result from the most difficult of circumstances. So when times are tough and you are feeling the pressure, just remind yourself that God is just making you into a perfect diamond, so hang in there, endure it well, and then watch for your sparkle to appear!


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