Nothing is ever 100 percent certain so of course you have doubts – that’s why it’s called taking a leap of faith!

Even a perfect plan can go awry. Take it from the girl who thought she had a perfect plan in place for her life at 18 only to find that nothing in my life those next ten years went according to my perfect plan. Years later I came to realize that rather than trying to have a perfect plan for my life it would be wiser to just set some goals I wanted to accomplish – you see I realized that if I focused on the outcome rather than trying to plan and predict every step along the way toward achieving the goal, then it would be far easier to stay positive. By that point in my life I had learned that nothing ever goes according to a perfect plan. There is always going to be unforeseen circumstances and plot twists that lead you places you never imagined going – but if you keep your eye on the end goal as you go through those twists and turns, no matter what life throws at you in the process, you can still accomplish your goal.

I learned that as you are setting goals it’s important to ignore the disappointments of the past and instead look only toward the future. I also learned that as you are setting your goals it’s important to choose to believe that good things are going to happen. That’s what taking a leap of faith is all about – it’s about believing that you are capable of accomplishing amazing things in your life and it’s about believing that God and the Universe will rally around you to make that happen if you will set your mind to it – even when you have no idea exactly how!

Let’s face it – It wouldn’t be taking a leap of faith if we weren’t having to overcome any doubts. That’s the very reason it’s called a leap of faith!  We all always going to have some doubts because we know things can always go differently than planned, but even though things will go off-track and take us to unfamiliar places we can choose to believe it’s mean to be that way and its going to teach us something valuable that will enrich our own life and the lives of others…we can decide to buckle up and find ways to enjoy the ride rather than being discouraged by it.

Set your goals. Stay focused on the outcome instead of any perfectly laid plan. Choose to believe that you can accomplish amazing things and joyfully take a leap of faith!

Make it an amazing day!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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