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Nuggets Of Knowledge. What 47 Years Have Taught Me.

September 14th…I can’t believe I’m turning 47!  Why is it that 47 just sounds so old when I say it…

I can’t pretend I’m not feeling how old I am, because I do. Aches and pains come from nowhere, climbing stairs takes a lot more effort, and the wrinkles…so may wrinkles…but with all that, I will admit there is one thing about growing older that is a definite plus, and that is that with every additional candle that goes on your birthday cake you’ve gained that much more wisdom along the way. And wisdom means more and more to you the older you get…you learn to appreciate its value.

A few words of wisdom I’ve gained along the way are:

*Happiness is a choice, not a condition.

*We are capable of more than we think we are.

*Trust your gut. It’s often more reliable than your head or your heart.

*Make a goal poster. With big goals…really big goals…and when that one is accomplished make another one…never stop having a new goal poster in life.

*Be willing to work your guts out for what you want. I promise, you will value the things you earn far more than the things you’re given.

*Always take the high road – always. You will never have regrets about taking the high road.

*The most important choice you will make is this life is who you marry. Choose wisely, then go all in.

*Marriage will only lead to happily ever after a lifetime of serving each other, forgiving one another, constantly building your friendship with each another, enduring all of life’s trials together, loving each other and standing side by side in total fidelity to your marriage. It’s only at the end of a lifetime of working at a relationship that it becomes that fairytale you always wanted.

*Spend more time with your family. They are the most important relationships you will ever have so treat your time with them as sacred.

*God doesn’t expect us to achieve perfection – He expects us to live in pursuit of it by doing our best each day. So do your best, and for heaven’s sake quit telling yourself you can’t be happy until perfection is achieved! Be happy in the pursuit of it! It’s enough!! You are enough!!

Mostly what I’ve come to learn in these 47 years is that life isn’t easy, but it wasn’t meant to be. Life was meant to teach us, to challenge us, to educate us, to humble us, to refine us, and to help us progress. Life was meant to be our proving ground…not so we can prove who we are to other people, but to prove who we are to ourselves. God already knows our capacity for greatness…but He gave us life and He gave us agency because He loved us enough to let us decide for ourselves who it is we want to be…so decide…then prove it…

I decided who I want to be a long  time ago. Now I’m just working at living each day in a way that proves to myself that I am that person I want to be.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. Make sure and eat a little cake this weekend to celebrate my birthday with me!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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