Oh, My Hotness!

It is officially TOO HOT OUTSIDE!  I am usually a fan of the warm weather, but my goodness it is hot!  I walk out of my house and I am instantly covered in sweat, and I don’t ever sweat!  In fact, it is so hot that my sweat is now sweating!  It is hot as the devil’s lair outside lately!  Argghhhh!

It is just plain miserable outside these days with this severe heat, which leaves us trapped indoors needing to be entertained :).  So today I thought I would share a few ideas to help keep everyone entertained while staying indoors in their nice Air Conditioning.

  1. Go to the swimming pool.  If that is not an option you can do what my neighbors did by taking your pickup truck, covering the back of the truck with a tarp, and fill it with water to make it a fun swimming pool for the kiddies.  It was awesome to see that.
  2. Go to one of the local indoor play parks or trampoline parks.
  3. Go see a play at a local theater house.
  4. Movies, movies, and more movies.  Movies are my personal favorite thing to do.  If you haven’t seen the movie Now You See Me yet, I would highly recommend it.  Same with White House Down and The Lone Ranger. All great movies.
  5. Go to the Aquarium.
  6. Go to a local museum.
  7. Do a grocery store scavenger hunt party – gather a few friends, come up with a list of random things they have to find at a grocery store (there are lots of suggestions on pinterest if you need help making your list).  Then go and compete to see which team finds their items first.
  8. Build a fort in your house with your kids – get all the blankets and build a massive fort with your kids.  I haven’t done this one since I was a kid but I think it would be a blast.
  9. Get all your old photos that are actual photos, not the digital ones, and use this time indoors to scan them all in so you have digital copies of everything.  Not the most fun activity, but you will be glad when they are all done.
  10. Sign up for an AboutOne.com account and setup your personal files, scanning in your insurance cards, birth certificates, upload photos and videos, and get all your personal files organized and stored online.  This one is one you will be so glad to have, especially if there is a natural disaster in the future.  So this one is fabulous for organizing your life and getting prepared for the future.
  11. Go to the Mall and SHOP!  Yeah, another personal favorite.
  12. Make snow cones!
  13. Eat Ice Cream and Otter Pops.  You can never have too many of these.
  14. Have a game day or game night and play games inside as a family

Well that is about all the indoor ideas I could come up with today, but feel free to share other fun ideas in the comments to give me and all of you more ideas on how to wait out this heat wave!   I think I am going to go get me another otter pop and another bowl of ice cream….don’t judge me :)…I am hot!!!



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