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Olympic Gold Medalist Nikki Stone Interviews On Sticking Your Neck Out

This morning I was asked by Olympic Gold Medalist Nikki Stone to come and do a live interview with her for a segment on the TV Show “Good Things Utah” on ABC4Utah television. During this segment Nikki interviews successful business people who learned to “stuck their neck out”, a premise based on Nikki’s bestselling book “When Turtles Fly: Secrets of Successful People Who Know How to Stick Their Necks Out”. The interview is a quick five minutes but I figured that it would be more fun to let you just watch the interview rather than me typing the notes on what we discussed – so here it was, live and in person, the interview from this morning’s television (click the link below):

Good Things Utah Interview – Amy Rees Anderison interviewed by Nikki Stone

If we had more time in the interview, and given the turtle analogy that Nikki uses, I would have added that I think as women we need to remember that it is OK to be “soft on the inside” in the business world. It is okay for a woman to be feminine and compassionate in business. Women in business don’t have to behave like a man to have success, in fact I think it hurts them when they act that way rather than helps them. As women we have our own unique talents that differ from men and one of those is our ability to be softer on the inside, so embrace that! It makes us more successful when we do.

I hope you all have a glorious, magnificent, amazing day!




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