Only 48 Days Until Christmas – Let The Countdown Begin!

Can you believe there are only 48 days until Christmas??!!  It’s just so exciting!  So because it takes so much work to decorate the house for Christmas and put op our 13 foot tall Christmas tree we decided that from now on we are going to enjoy those decorations as long as possible, which is why we went ahead and put them all up over the last few days so we can enjoy them for two full months before we have to go to all of the work to take them down again. And for those of you who are saying, “What about Thanksgiving?” Well, my answer to that is that I am giving thanks in November for Christmas so it works out just fine 🙂

When I sat down tonight to write my blog we fired up the lights on the Christmas tree and it just made me so happy. Isn’t it interesting how everything to do with Christmas just makes you feel good?  From Christmas decorations to hot cocoa to candy canes…it’s all completely glorious.

And do you know what is even more glorious??? HALLMARK CHANNEL CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!! That’s right people, our favorite TV Channel, the Hallmark Channel has begun releasing their new Christmas movies for 2017 and I am going to watch every single one of them!  For many years it was just me and my daughter Ashley that made it our tradition to watch these incredibly predictable and totally sappy feel-good movies together, but then slowly but surely my husband Rollin and my son Dalton started to sit in the room to watch just a minute or two of the movies and the next thing you know the two of them got hooked as well. And it didn’t take any convincing at all for my son’s wife Alexis to start watching with us when they were married two years ago, so Hallmark Christmas movies have turned into a family affair at our house. And even though we can predict the ending of each movie within the first ten minutes – we don’t care! We still love watching every single last second of each movie because they just make you feel HAPPY!

In case any of you want to join in our tradition of watching them, here is the schedule of this year’s new releases (if viewing on a cell phone turn the phone sideways to see the pic):

Grab your hot cocoa, top it off with loads of whipped cream (you can never have too much whipped cream…I mean seriously pile it on)! Then snuggle up in your cuddliest blanket and enjoy 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson

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