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Only 58 Days til Christmas..Say WHAT!?!

Can you believe it?  We actually start the month of November this Saturday!  It is insane how fast time has gone since the warm days of summer and sunshine. I am amazed how fast the fall has come and is now going this year.  Even daylight savings will come to an end this weekend and we have to set our clocks back an hour on Saturday night as we climb into bed.  Time is just flying by and it hit me today that Christmas is right around the corner and for once I would love to be that person who plans ahead.  If I do plan ahead it will definitely be a first for me!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to take away from enjoying the Halloween celebrations this week. I couldn’t be more excited to get my bowls of candy ready and to see all the neighborhood kids in their cute little costumes.  And I don’t want to overlook the excitement of the Thanksgiving holiday and all the fun family times and amazing food we will enjoy.  I want to enjoy both of those holidays to the fullest.  But without taking away from either of those I would LOVE to plan ahead for Christmas so I can enjoy the season a little more relaxed this year rather than getting down to that last minute rush and being all stressed out.

So if any of you want to do a little advance prep as well this year, here are a few things I thought of that we can do now to help save us stress later:

  • Decide where you will spend the holiday – your parents, your spouse’s parents, your own home?  Get the word out early so everyone else can make plans around that.
  • Start calendaring out the holiday parties, concerts, events, etc now so that you can make sure and fit everything you want to into the month of December.
  • Make a list of the people you need to buy a gift for.  Next to each person write down a few things that person would enjoy receiving. Then keep the list with you so as you are out and about running errands your mind will naturally be on the lookout for the gifts you wrote on your list.
  • If you need to buy or make goodies to take to neighbors, now is the time to be placing those orders. Costco has some great deals on holiday goody boxes if you buy them in advance, and they sell out quickly so I need to get on that now!
  • You may as well buy wrapping paper and bows and gift cards now so that you are all prepared.
  • Check the Christmas tree lights to make sure none of them are burned out – if any are get the replacements now so you don’t have to stress when it’s time to decorate the tree.
  • If you need new bulbs for the tree get online and order them now. Don’t forget hooks for ornaments and ribbon for the tree.
  • If you are going to do a Honey Baked Ham for Christmas you can order those in advance to be delivered on a specific day at Christmas time.  May as well get that order placed sooner than later so you don’t have to worry last minute.
  • If you want to perform an act of service for others for Christmas, now is the time to plan that. Involving your kids in Christmas service is a great way to get the family into the right spirit for the holiday.


So that’s the list I have come up with so far of things I can start doing to be ready for Christmas.  Heck I think I may even start decorating as soon as Halloween ends.  I happen to like having Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving celebrations because being thankful and Christ go hand in hand in my book so why not have the decorations up for both?  Plus it spreads out the time from putting the décor up and taking it back down again so you feel like you got a little more bang for your buck by having the décor out longer.

Have an awesome day everyone…enjoy every moment of it because time is flying by!


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