Ordinary Miracles Are Happening Around You Each Day – Watch For Them!

With things slowly starting to re-open here in Utah again our family is anxiously awaiting the reopening of our beloved Lake Powell. We can’t wait for the marina to get back up and operational again as we are all longing to be able to take a trip on our houseboat again. Our Lake Powell vacations each year are our family favorites, full of fun memories and cool experiences. As we sat discussing what Lake Powell plans we hope to make this summer my mind drifted back to one of our past trips which taught me a great lesson. Here’s a recap of what I wrote about the experience on that particular trip years ago:

“Prior to leaving our house after church last Sunday we had our usual family prayer to ask that we have a safe drive down.  As we were driving down to Lake Powell we pulled into a gas station in Beaver, Utah to fill up our gas tank.  As we finished filling up with gas and we were pulling out of the gas station when my husband noticed a very pregnant woman standing on the side of the road in a yellow dress next to really old, beat up station wagon holding a cardboard sign with the words “Need money for gas” scribbled on the sign.  My husband was driving and he immediately pulled over in front of her and I rolled down my window and handed her some money for gas.  She was incredibly grateful and thanked us and we rolled up our window and drove off, not thinking anything else of it.  We got back onto 1-15 and we continued to drive toward Lake Powell.  About ten minutes later we heard a big boom and realized that our tire on our boat trailer had blown out.  My husband pulled over the side of the freeway and he and my son jumped out of the car to go change the tire.  I could tell they were having an issue because they seemed to be concerned about things.   It turned out that the jack was not able to lift the weight of our boat and when they were trying to lift the trailer it was bending the jack so they were unable to change the tire.  As they struggled to figure it out we suddenly saw an old beat up station wagon drive past us and then quickly pull off the road in front of us.  Sure enough, it was that very pregnant woman that we had just helped back in Ephraim with gas money pulling off the road to offer us help.   She brought the jack from her car and with the two jacks side by side we were able to lift our boat and change our tire.  She was so excited to be able to do something for us after we had done something for her, and we were so grateful to her for helping us!  We got back into our car and we just sat incredulous that this experience had just happened.  What a blessing!  

But get this – the story didn’t end there – as we continued driving we were looking for any tire store that would be open so we could replace the spare tire, given that if another one blew out we would be in real trouble.  But the problem was that it was a Sunday afternoon so of course everything was closed in the small towns we were driving through.  Finally we came to a small town where we decided to stop to grab food for the kids.  Right next store was a tire store.  My husband sent us to grab food while he wanted to check the tire shop to see if it was open.  When he got there the sign said closed and the door was locked.  As he turned to walk away a man pulled into the parking lot and asked if he needed some help.  My husband let him know that we needed a tire but the shop was closed.  The man said that he actually worked at the tire shop and yes, it was closed today, but he had a motorcycle he had been storing at the shop for the last two years and for whatever reason he had decided to drive over to the shop to pick it up today, so since he was here anyway he would go ahead and fix our tire. 

WOW!  When the man heard the story of what had happened he was amazed as well. It was one little miracle after another! What a great experience for us and for our kids. It was a reminder that ordinary miracles happen around us every day if we just take the time to watch for them, like the way my husband was watching and noticed the woman needing our help, and how by us answering her prayer for help she later answered our prayer for help, as did the man at the tire shop….Pretty incredible!”

Keep your eyes open for the ordinary miracles that are happening in your life every day…they truly are incredible…

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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