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Passion is Powerful!

Can we talk about passion for just a minute? I am not talking about passion in the romantic sense; I’m talking the “I am so excited to get up this morning and conquer the world today” kind of passion.

There are very few things more powerful than a person who is passionate about accomplishing something. A passionate person ignites a spark in the people they come in contact with. They carry such excitement with them that they create a magnetic force that attracts everyone to them. Passion is incredibly powerful!

As powerful a tool as passion can be, how can people that are not feeling passionate in their lives create that kind of passion for themselves? The answer is simple: HAVING A PURPOSE YOU LOVE!   When we have a purpose that we really want to achieve that creates passion within us.  We become excited to take on the challenge.  We become enthusiastic about making the efforts necessary to achieve our purpose.  We suddenly have a boundless energy that we didn’t know existed within us.  No challenge seems too difficult to us because we are passionate about accomplishing our purpose.

How can you tell if you have that passion in your life right now?  Look at this list of things that Passion Is and ask yourself if you have it:

Passion is:

It’s always being eager

It’s going the extra mile

It’s finding the inner fuel when you thought your tank was dry

It’s your positive attitude in a world of negativity

It’s being excited without fear of embarrassment

It’s doing the unexpected

It’s an unwillingness to accept second best or “good enough”

It’s ever enthusiastic

It lets you execute when you’re exhausted

It’s never afraid to talk to someone you don’t know

It allows strangers to become acquaintances, who then desire to become friends

It influences friends to want to feel that same passion and zeal they see in you

Looking over the list ask yourself if you have that passion in your life? If you do – AWESOME! If you don’t – ask yourself what purpose do you want to accomplish? What goal are you trying to achieve?  What is your dream and what would it take to make that dream a reality? Picture the end result you want to create and then start planning the steps that will help you make that happen.  Come up with a game plan for how you can achieve your goal and then get going on it.  You will find that when you can get that picture in your head of what you want your purpose to be then the universe will start bringing the right elements into your life to help you achieve it, especially if you have passion to make it happen.  Get excited.  Don’t be afraid of anything.  Just make it happen!





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