• Debra beck says:

    I’m a shoe shoe lady also Amy, but don’t quite rank up in your alley. It is so fun to buy a new pair of shoes though. That I agree

  • Karmel Larson says:

    WOW! Inspiration is a real thing! Your closet is amazing!

  • Jane Anderson says:

    This makes me giggle because I don’t care about shoes at all, but my husband could definitely build a closet to house his collection. LOL Nice job on the details about shoe obsessions. I hope by now you have had plenty of joyous opportunities to wear those Cinderella shoes.

  • Tina says:

    What a coincidence? I just got back from shoe shopping. I bought myself two pairs of boots. I am so super pumped about the shoes and this article is so on point about the feelings and attitudes women get from the various types of shoes. I will forward this article to my hubby perhaps I could get a shoe closet out of it. Great read!!!

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