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Psychology Tricks That Really Work

In the book How To Win Friends And Influence People, Dale Carnegie shares how important it is to use a person’s name when you are talking with them. And did you also that Mirroring someone’s body language (which means subtly mimicking them) actually helps to create a good rapport with people?  There are so many cool psychology tips like that and its amazing how well they work.

In an article published on Brightside they share some really valuable tips:

“If you want to build a relationship with someone (for example, at work), just ask this person to tell/explain something to you even if you know the answer. This will improve their overall attitude toward you.

When asking a question, nod subtly. Most likely, you will get an affirmative answer. Be careful: this trick is often used by employees of restaurants to make the clients buy more food.

At the moment when your alarm clock is ringing, you should get up a little for a second, make fists and yell “Yeah,” as if you are a soccer player who just scored. This is strange but it will give you a sense of freshness and allow you to get up easily.

If you are always worried whether you locked the door or not or if your iron is off, just say some absolutely absurd phrase when doing these things (the phrase should be different every day.) For example, you say “green rabbit” and turn the iron off, or “oppressive crab” and lock the door. The next time you think about your open/closed door, you will remember that you said this weird phrase and will calm down.

If you work on a team and you have a really lazy team member, don’t give them tasks with the words “do this.” Replace it with “start with this.” Psychologically, it will seem that there is less work because they should start with something small. And then, after they do it, use the words, “Very good. Continue.” In this case, there is a high probability that they will finish the task successfully because it will appear that there is less work.”

I love learning things like these because I’ve seen firsthand the ways they work. For instance, when I want to win a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors I just have to ask my opponent a random question right before we start playing and it typically causes them to throw out scissors for their answer.  And that is just one example out of countless other on how understanding psychology can really help you in your life and in your pursuits.

Have a great one

~Amy Rees Anderson

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