Shopping, Shopping…oh, and More Shopping

“How much shopping can one person do?!?”, my husband called out as my fingers clicked madly away on the keyboard jumping from one cyber-deal to another as quickly as I could.

“It’s almost midnight!  Don’t distract me!  I am working against the clock here!  Just wait til you hear how much money I saved us”, I responded.

“Which only means you spent that much more” he replies.

I try to block the sound of his voice out so my fingers can g8et back to racing madly on the keyboard as I watched the cyber deal countdown clock quickly tick away. Then “bing” my phone beeps to let me know I have an email from my husband….what?  He is sitting right across the room from me…why the email?  Then I opened it and read the following poem (which he was quite proud of himself for finding and sending me):

The Shopper

Busy as a bee,
Flying here and there.
On a shopping spree,
Charging everywhere.

Take away her card,
Before she ruins your life.
Nothing is as hard,
As a shopping wife.

 -by Juan Olivarez


I suppose it could be worse.  I could be in a store shopping and trying to babysit him there.  Just like this poor woman whose letter from the store owner made the newspaper:


SO, yeah, it could have been worse then dealing with his comments and poems tonight.  🙂

So that is the story of my night.  And now it’s close to 2am and I have finally cleared my last shopping cart online and it is time to write to all of you and then jump in bed for a short sleep so I can get up early tomorrow and start on Super Tuesday Online Discounts!

Happy Shopping Everyone and may you get fabulous cyber discounts on all your purchases this season!


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