So Many People Doing So Much Good

I spoke today in Atlanta Georgia at the National Ethics Directors Summit being held for University Ethics Directors from across the country as part of the APPE (Association for Practical & Professional Ethics) International Conference.  I was also able to spend the entire day with these Directors both before and after my talk and that was an absolute highlight of the trip for me.  I learned so much about what’s happening at all the different Universities across the country to help promote and educate people on Ethics and Integrity.

It was incredibly heartening and so refreshing to see how all of these Center Directors, from the wealthiest ivy-league Universities there to the smallest community colleges in the most remote parts of the country, were willing and eager to collaborate with one another and to assist one another in their efforts.  There was no ego or pretense from anyone, there was no showboating or looking down noses at one another…there was just a group of really great people who shared a desire to do really good things.  It was such a great experience being at the Summit today and I am so grateful that I came.  The friendships I formed today with so many great people made it well worth the trip!!!

So often these days we hear only negativity on social media and the news – it paints a picture that the world has become this negative, depressing place, and it’s a total downer.  What I would love is for everyone to instead give the attention to all the good work and positive things people are doing in this world. Let’s share those things on social media! Let’s tell those stories on the news! Because there really is SO MUCH GOOD going on and there are SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE doing it!

Let’s all share the positive!!!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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  • Ursula Pfahl says:

    I like the conversations about ethics and ethics programs. But I wonder why we need “ethics” when we have the 10 Commandments?
    Don’t they say it all?

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