Some Days I Forget

So much to do, and not nearly enough hours in the day to do it.

I get so frustrated when I work my guts out all day only to come to the end of the day feeling like I have barely scratched the surface of what I needed to get done.  When that happens day after day it starts to make you feel discouraged and depressed…it starts to make you feel like no matter how hard you try you will never be good enough to get it all done.  That is how I have been feeling more and more as I am trying to juggle my business, with building a home, and having time for my family.  Now add to that the upcoming holiday season and all that needs to get done for that and it feels like I’m drowning and I will never come up for air.  Not the best feeling.

As I sat down tonight I was feeling totally stressed out and bummed that another day has come and gone and I am nowhere near caught up with things.  It was a terrible feeling, but one I am certain many of you reading this have felt yourselves, if not all of you – I know I am not alone in feeling this way.  But what is the fix?  After all, I am only one person and there are only 24 hours in the day.  I can’t clone myself and I can’t add more time to the day, so what the heck am I to do?

I have sat thinking about that for the last hour while I have been going through stacks of papers I needed to review.  And the answer came jumping into my mind – Maybe it’s time to pray for help.

First I want to make it clear that I wholeheartedly believe that prays are answered.  I know that because it has happened over and over again in my life.   But for some reason I tend to be a person that only prays for the help on the bigger things in life.  I pray for the safety of my children, the health of my family, and major things like that, but the truth is that more often than not I totally forget to pray for help on the little things.  I suppose I feel that God is busy enough and I shouldn’t be bothering Him with things like helping me find the right subcontractor to do my tile in my new house, or helping me get through the endless unread emails in my inbox.  But maybe my thinking is wrong on that – Maybe it’s okay to bring God these things that seem little in the big scheme of life, but that are big things to me today.  I suppose if these millions of little things are causing me to be discouraged and feel depressed then maybe they aren’t so little, and maybe God would want me to bring them to Him so he could help me handle them.   After all as parent I would certainly want my child to bring me their struggles, no matter how small, so I could do what I could to help them – so wouldn’t it stand to reason that God, as our father, wouldn’t want us to bring him our struggles, even when they are small, so that he could help us?

I guess the bottom line is that it certainly won’t hurt to try praying for help on all the little things I need to get done. So I am going to put the “independent me” in her place tonight, get down on my knees, and ask for His help to handle all that I need to get done, even the little things.   And if any of you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out or worried like me, I would suggest you put aside the “independent you” and give prayer a try as well.  Then you will know that you are not the only one…

Have a great weekend and may all your prayers be answered.




  • Jacob Williams says:

    “Pray for mercy.” -Puss In Boots

  • J'Aime MacPherson says:

    I no joke prayed tonight before I read this. Stress gets the best of us most times and a simple prayer can make a huge difference every time. 🙂 I felt so much pressure lifted off my shoulders when I was done praying. It feels good to relax tonight 🙂

  • Mark Hester says:

    You are on to something big. Sherrie and I discovered the power of prayer about 10 years ago and we always have our nightly prayer together where we work off of a list that seems fairly extensive but takes only a minute or two a day to update if it needs updating. We pray for our family and friends that are in chaos or facing bad situations. We pray for some list of 50 or so people by name that we know who are abusing medications or alcohol. We pray for my work and her dialysis, for our insurance, for each of our children, parents, brothers and sisters by name, parents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. We have a list of folks that are facing chronic illness or have some type of terminal disease and their families.. We do all of this in 30 minutes or less and we cover a lot of people and problems and praise him for his help and protection and ask him to give us guidance.

    I tell you this not to brag, not to say that our way is better, but only to encourage you that your statement is true. Prayer helps.

    It allows us to overcome obstacles that we know we are facing and avoid some we aren’t aware of.

    You have always amazed me with your intelligence and care for others. Take care of yourself too. You may be taking on too much (again) and you deserve to enjoy what you have accomplished.

    You have been in many of our prayers and even Dalton the other day when I read his e-mail.

    I look at prayer for others as being like tithing, it is necessary and mandatory. Both are required and we are rewarded for our efforts. Love is the key to all things.

    We sure love you!

  • Brenda Quarles says:

    My oldest grandson (now 19) taught me about 16 years ago to pray for the small things first!!! He was on his knees saying his nightly bedtime prayer and prayed for the ketcup in the refrigerator!!!
    I live by this bible verse and when I am overwhelmed by the cares of the day and can not get it all done during the week; I simply throw my hands up; say a prayer and repeat Proverbs 3:5-6….. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In ALL thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE shall direct thy paths.” He does in such a sweet way make our burdens light. Let’s cast our cares upon Him and as we pray for our situations; let’s say a prayer for each other. It really does work and help to remember and share with other Women who might be going through the same things.

    Thanks Amy for once again sharing your heart and opening the door for others to share with each other.

    Have a Blessed weekend and Thankful Holiday Season.

  • Kim says:

    “Prayer is the souls sincerest desire.” True DAT!
    I have been feeling unusually unsetteled due to a change in environment as well as my kids getting bigger and somewhat independent, I have an audit comming and then “Oh Yes, Christmas”.
    I have decided that the only way I am gonna make it thru all that life has to offer this seasson that tends to knock me down….”kneel” while I am there. Maybe in some way it is my Heavenly Father reminding me “Did I think To Pray?” love you Amy. If you happen to peek for a minute while your eyes are closed and look to your left….I am right there with you!!!!Thank you, for YOU!

  • Jenney says:

    Spend some extra time with your hubby. I know he and Matt are very similar. Any time I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed then I go sit with Matt for 20 minutes and he’s got me laughing until my cheeks hurt and I forget why I was so stressed.

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