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Some days you gotta just push through it

Yesterday morning when I woke up I could tell I was starting to feel a little sick but I had so much going on yesterday that I tried to ignore it and I was able to get through hosting my son’s big event at our house Sunday night. Then I woke up this morning and there was no denying that I had come down with a major sinus cold. My problem was that I had a crazy packed day that included a lunch meeting with three U.S. Governors – Utah Governor Gary Herbert, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. Then I had an important meeting at my office and then I needed to rush home in time to host a birthday party for a good friend and around 50 other guests. Not to mention my son and his wife and their college friends come over every Monday night for the weekly Bachelor viewing party at our house. So yeah…there was just NO TIME to be sick today!

It’s interesting though because as horrible as I have been feeling all day today with my sinus cold I literally just pushed through it and tried to pretend I wasn’t sick and somehow it worked enough to get me through the day and handle everything I needed to get done magically well.

“Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will.”  “Be mentally stronger than you physically feel.”

It’s close to midnight now and everyone has finally cleared out of my house. And the truth is that as I sit down to write my blog I feel so incredibly sick that I want to curl up in a little ball and drink an entire bottle of Nyquil…my fever has skyrocketed off the charts and I have the chills and I ache all over…but as I sit here and reflect on my day I have to admit that I am in total awe I was able to push through my day by literally just pushing through it. That and saying a little prayer that I could handle everything I needed to in spite of being sick. It was sheer mind over matter and a touch of faith that got me through today.

Some days you got just push through it. You CAN do it. And then when your day is done you can reward yourself with a shot of Nyquil, which is exactly what I am going to do right this minute!

Have a great day everyone!



  • Debbie says:

    Get to the Doc asap! Could be the flu & they will give you tamiflu. I do this with my cancer! I pushed through malignant melanoma, ovarian & now MDS! This one is tough! I had a bone marrow transplant (my brother was a perfect match) but I’ve contracted every side effect & recovery is long & difficult with constant monitoring & lots of drugs & chemo. I pretend I feel fine & get up & get through the day! Attitude is 99percent of everything!
    Feel better!

  • Jane says:

    I love your quotes, especially the one about your mind quitting. You really are amazing. I hope you give yourself permission now to rest and refuel until you’re better.

  • Mustafa Hatim says:

    Thank you so much Amy.I love your blogs.You are so much of an inspiration.I was off sick from from work for two days due to sore throat and asthma.I was actually glad about it.
    Your work obviously inspires you and so you were able to super humanly push through such a tight schedule despite being so unwell.Its remarkable.I don`t think I could do that honestly.If I said I could I would be lying.
    Thank you so Much
    Have a Brilliant weekend

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