Some days you just need to go to the “Pooh Tent”

I’m sure everyone reading the title of today’s blog has to be wondering what the heck I could possibly mean when I say that some days you just need to go to the Pooh tent?  I’ll explain:

Years ago I shared in a blog how when my children were young and they were acting badly or being grumpy they would take a time out in the “Happy Chair”, which was a bright yellow chair with happy images painted on it at our house. They would sit in the chair until they could feel happy again. I loved that Happy Chair!

When I moved my first company from my home to an actual office, the kids started coming to work with me each day. They had a room for themselves right next to mine and they would sit at their little Fisher Price desks and color and play with the toys in their ‘office’. When they got grumpy or starting acting up at work I didn’t have another “Happy Chair” to keep at the office so instead I took a pop-up Winnie the Pooh tent and I would send the kids to take a time out in the “Pooh Tent” until they could feel happy again. They could take time away from everyone inside the Pooh Tent to calm down and take a minute for themselves and then they could emerge from the tent feeling happy again.  I loved that Pooh Tent!

Today got off to a rocky start when a morning meeting started 40 minutes late which made a few other meetings get backed up which made my pile of to do’s get backed up…you get the drift…the more stressful things got throughout the day the more I felt the weight of it piling on my shoulders and I couldn’t help but find myself wishing that I had my own “Pooh Tent” in the office to climb into.  I could feel that I needed a moment alone, inside a Pooh Tent to get away from everything and everyone for a minute or two so I could take a minute alone to calm down and take a deep breath and refocus my thoughts so that I could emerge from the tent feeling happy again.

I think all of us have days when we could use a Happy Chair at home and a Pooh Tent in our office! Seriously!  There is just no doubt we could all use one!!! So either we need to go buy an actual Happy Chair and a Pooh Tent, or we need to find a spot in our home and a place in our office that we can designate as our substitute Happy Chair and our substitute Pooh Tent. Whether it’s a chair, or a closet, or a spot on the floor, we just need a place we have designated specifically as our “let it go” spot so we mentally know that we can go there we will block things out and take a deep breath and get centered again so we can emerge feeling HAPPY!

Have an awesome day everyone! And if at any point its not awesome, just go to the Pooh Tent 🙂


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