Some days you just want to throw a tantrum…but there might be a better answer

When I sat down tonight to contemplate what to write about my day my first thought was to write about wanting to throw a temper tantrum at the end of a really bad day.  I had just gotten off the phone with Comcast’s customer service line with a gentlemen offshore who, bless his heart (its a southern thing…you can say anything you want about a person if you throw in the words “bless their heart” 🙂 ), couldn’t understand a thing I was trying to explain to him about hooking up my phone service for our new home so after almost two hours of explaining what we needed and being put on hold and then having to explain it all over again, only to then be told that I will have to call back tomorrow when their sales department is open because he was unable to help me….after spending hours on the phone with me for absolutely nothing…..arggghhhh…..I wanted to pull my hair out!  I was so frustrated and ticked off that I wanted to throw my shoe across the room – and given that I had very cute shoes on today, that tells you how frustrated I truly was.

And it didn’t help matters that I had to spend several hours with my accountant going over my year end taxes this afternoon. That poor guy – he is such a nice person but the fact is that he is the last guy I want to have to go spend time with because he represents all things taxes and there is just nothing fun or happy about that topic!  So yeah, you can tell from these two events how happy my day has been.

But then when I started to type my blog on how I had this awful day and I realized that other than the last several hours of my day I had actually had some really nice moments today.  I was asked to come and speak to the MBA students up at the University of Utah today and I had a wonderful time getting to know all of them and talking a bit about their lives and their goals for their future.  It was an awesome experience and I made a lot of new friends.  So the truth is that part of my day was fantastic.

So no, I can’t say my entire day was terrible….sure part of it was….but there were some wonderful and happy moments too.  And as soon as I recognized that tonight as I started typing my blog I felt my mood shift, my blood pressure come back down, and my frustration start to fade.  So maybe a temper tantrum isn’t necessary after all….maybe a little gratitude and appreciation for the things that went right today is all I really needed….  hmmmmm….valuable lesson learned…..

Have an amazing day tomorrow everyone!


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  • lindsay says:

    I find that talking or typing something out helps change my mood almost every time I get upset. I’m very passionate about things, when I read or see something terrible I immediately go to that persons shoes, I’m empathetic almost to a fault. I find myself commenting….a lot! When I have a bad day, I always try not to ask myself “could it get any worse” because after you live a little, you know it most certainly can. Good topic.

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