Some People, Good People, And Extraordinary People

“Some people see the glass half empty. Good people see the glass half full. But extraordinary people are just grateful for the glass!” 

That quote came today in the weekly email letter I get from my daughter Ashley on her mission and I loved it so much I had to share it with everyone. What an awesome quote! And what a fantastic reminder of how we should view our lives.  She went on in her letter to say:

“Heavenly Father will never take our trials or hardships away from us because it is necessary for us to learn and grow in order to become like Him. But He WILL give us the strength the carry our burdens! And He DOES hear our cries! If we are patient and have faith He will help us! Geez i love that guy. I promise that He knows exactly what we are going through, and He knows what is best for us! Even if we don’t see it. Keep your head up, chin held high, and walk through Heck with a smile!”       -Ashley Lewis

Amazing wisdom from my little 18 year old who is wise beyond her years for sure.  And what a great pick me up message for me to get to read today. You can see why I miss having that girl around every day! Tomorrow is her 19th birthday and I was feeling a little sad that I don’t get to be with her to celebrate it, but then I got her letter today and read the message she shared and it reminded me that I need to remember how grateful I am that I have her in my life even if I can’t have her with me on her birthday. Besides, think of all those people whose lives she is touching on her mission….All I can say is that they are dang lucky to have that little ball of sunshine around to cheer them up and lift their spirits. Ashley is no doubt one of those extraordinary people who is just grateful for the glass.

Gratitude is an amazing thing. It is the cure for sadness, depression, stress, anxiety, and a million other ailments…it’s like the power drug without any harmful side effects! And it’s doesn’t cost a dime to fill this prescription.

I am grateful for her reminder today. And I am especially grateful that I became Ashley’s mom 19 years ago tomorrow. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!



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