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Some Unique Gift Ideas To Help You Give That Perfect Gift

Let’s face it – shopping for the perfect Christmas gift can be STRESSFUL! It’s so hard to find something unique or special to give. My personal feeling is that gifts from the heart are the best kind of gifts, but for those who are looking to buy something fun for their loved one I thought I would give a few ideas for some fun gifts ideas that I’ve given in the past that people seemed to love (and just so you know I am not paid by any company to promote their products on my blog…this is all from me because I think they are cool gifts to give!):

The Man Crates: – if you are looking for a gift for a man in your life this company has the coolest “manly” gifts ever. They come in cool crates with a miniature crow bar that must be used to get it open. You can pick from all kinds of prefilled boxes with things ever man loves like bacon

Framed Travel Map with Push Pins   – This is a cool travel map of the world you can have personalized for someone that allows them to hang it on their wall and put pins in each place they go visit around the world. It’s a great gift for the person who dreams of traveling the world. This is just one version of these maps – you can google framed travel maps and find tons of version in different colors and styles. I bought one for my family early on and they loved marking all the parts of the world we’ve visited.

A grilled cheese toaster bag – this is genius!  I mean really…who wouldn’t want this?  it’s little toaster bags that you put your cheese sandwich in and get a grilled cheese sandwich….genius as long as it doesn’t burn the house down.

A remote controlled flying shark – This one I can’t say enough good things about. I bought one for myself over the summer and I had an absolute blast flying it around my house. I loved it so very much until I accidentally flew it outside on a hot day and it took off. It was so sad…I can’t even talk about it…my poor sharky.  This thing was seriously the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I flew it all over my house while I played Jaws music on the speaker system. Seriously hours of fun.

Another idea is to buy them something that was a meaningful toy from their past. As a kid I loved my Fisher Price Playsets, my Snoopy Snowcone Machine, my Sunshine Family Barbie Dolls, etc. Try to find out the favorite toys from their past and see if you can’t buy those for them. If they don’t make them anymore than get on and check to see if you can find them on that site.

And never forget that is a great website to find personally made gifts. You can find a million things to give on that site and you can find a lot of personalized items as well. I have found all kinds of fabulous Wonder Woman gifts for myself on that site over the years. Just search on whatever favorite things they have and you’ll be amazed at how much there is to choose from.

If all else fails you can never go wrong buying something from Louis Vuitton or Christian Louboutin  – at least you can’t go wrong buying that if you are my husband 🙂 tee hee

My attitude on gifts is to think outside of the box. Look for original gifts that will make people laugh, or cry, or revisit their childhood memories.  Try to make things personal and meaningful. And since I shared some fun gift ideas with you guys it is your turn to share your favorite gift ideas back in the comments!  I could use all the help I can get finding those perfect gifts this year!

Happy shopping!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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