“Sometimes you just have to put on Lip Gloss and pretend to be psyched!”

Do you ever have days where you just don’t feel good, but you still have a million things to get done?  Yeah…today was one of those days for me.  I have been getting over a miserable sinus cold that has lasted over a week now and I woke up this morning feeling yucky yet again. I had to get up at 5:30am and be ready to leave my house by 6:30am this morning for a meeting I had downtown that started at 7:30am.  Meetings at 7:30am should be illegal!  Seriously…way too early to start a meeting! Anyway, it was a crazy, crazy day with one meeting after another and all I wanted to do is go crawl into my bed and go to sleep so I could feel better.  But crawling into bed just wasn’t an option.  So I did the only thing I could do…I powered through it.

Life is full of days for all of us like the one I had today – where the only thing you can do is to power through them. What I have found is that when days like that come along the worst thing I can do is to keep thinking to myself how miserable I am, because that only makes me feel worse.  I have found that the best thing I can do when I have days like today is to simply power through them, knocking one thing out after another and just keep telling myself that powering through it is the quickest way to get where I can climb into my bed again.  Then I just go to work and focus entirely on getting things done and I don’t let myself think about how yucky I feel.

On days like that I also remind myself that “I can do this.  I have done it before, and I will have to do it again, so just keep moving forward.”  A quote I love is:

“On particular rough days when I’m sure I can’t possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that is pretty good.”

That quote applies to all of us. We are clearly capable of handling bad days because we are all still here and we are still moving forward.  I will end today’s blog with my other favorite ‘bad day’ quote which is this:

“Sometimes you just have to put on Lip Gloss and pretend to be psyched!”  – Mindy Kaling

And so if I wake up feeling sick again tomorrow that is exactly what I intend to do. Hopefully pretending to be psyched won’t be necessary because I will wake up feeling fantastically healthy again.  But either way, Lip Gloss will definitely be on 🙂

Have an awesome day everyone!



  • Otto says:

    That bug is really going around. I’m getting over a pretty bad cold that lasted almost a week. The worst day was on my birthday! I let myself go home early that day for 2 reasons, I didn’t want to share my sickness (too much coughing) and it was my birthday. 🙂

    Hope you feel better today.

  • Leslie says:

    I admire you more than you know for “powering through it.” But I promise- the world won’t end if you take 1 day to sleep it off and feel better! I’d like to see you live to be a very old lady, so take care of yourself!

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